Have an Amazing Holiday

Have an Amazing Holiday



1: Act as you would when back at home. If you are tempted by mopeds and other hired vehicles, think carefully before doing so as these have led to many fatalities in the past. Hire a car if you do need a vehicle or stick to taxis if you can.

2: Don’t forget to drink enough water to combat the effects of high temperatures and alcohol consumption. Staying hydrated can prevent your holiday from being ruined, and always remember to apply sun cream or lotion whenever you need to.

3: Don’t take your passport out with you. Getting an emergency replacement can cost you a significant amount of money and time. Use another form of ID if you need to.

4: Be careful with alcohol to avoid accidents, conflicts or other unfortunate situations. Tempting as it can be to take things further on holiday, you don’t want to find yourself sleeping in a Bulgarian prison. Drugs are to be avoided too, not just for legal reasons. You may have no way of knowing what you are really taking. If you’ll be embarking on long drinking sessions, pace yourself.

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5: Take care with money. Again, it can be tempting to blow a large sum of cash as soon as you touch down in Bulgaria, but running out of money halfway through your holiday is bound to be a miserable experience. Ask a friend to take care of your cash or card if you don’t trust yourself. Never carry big wads of cash around with you either.

6: When it comes to sex, you should again stick to the usual rules. Use contraception if you do become intimate with a stranger on holiday. You don’t want to discover a nasty surprise upon arriving home.

7: Don’t forget about crime. Criminals come in many forms, and child pickpockets can be rife in Sunny Beach. Don’t carry anything valuable around that you don’t need to. Never leave drinks unattended and keep your wits about you as much as you can. Sometimes we don’t realise we have been a victim of crime until the perpetrator has fled the scene, but prevention is better than the cure. Have a wonderful holiday in Sunny Beach.