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The Saltire Lounge #Malia2018

Welcome to The Saltire Lounge, Malia’s one and only Scottish themed bar, located slap-bang in the heart of Malia’s thumping Beach Road you simply can’t miss this absolute peach of a pub, resplendent as it is, in glorious St Andrews blue and white, whether you’re looking for a taste of the homeland whilst you’re away […] Read more

Malia Events Tickets and More

Malia Events Tickets and more. Summer is on its way are the excitement is building to what is gonna be a massive season for the Clubs in Malia, there are some amazing events planned and some hot tickets to get hold of. Many Clubs are starting to announce their summer line-ups which has the potential […] Read more

Apollo Club Malia LIfe

Malia Events #Summer2017

Malia Overview “Malia events are one of the major reasons party goers flock to Crete for their #Summer2017 holidays”. Mаlіа is a fantastic place tо vіѕіt еѕресіаllу if уоu’rе lооkіng some decent events on Crеtе’ѕ раrtу capital. A cosmopolitan соаѕtаl tоwn with world-class nightlife, Mаlіа is thе ideal holiday destination fоr anyone looking fоr ѕunѕеt […] Read more

Linekers is Coming to Malia !

Linekers is Coming to Malia! This is big news. As if there wasn’t already enough to get excited about for your blow out #Summer2015 Malia holiday! Linekers – yes the Linekers Bar – have just announced that May 2015 will see the newest and craziest member of their world famous family of nightclubs open up, […] Read more

Mode Club #summer2015

Formerly known as Malibu Club, this enduringly popular tropical beach themed club first opened it’s doors in 1998 and has been a true Malia Beach Road institution ever since. At the beginning of 2014 however, it underwent a revolutionary transformation and re-opened as the uber-slick and contemporary Mode Club. From the outside, it looks for […] Read more

Zoo Bar #summer2015…

When Manos first started thinking about opening up a bar, his goal was clear, he wanted to build the “Ultimate Bar”. A buzzing and beautiful place that has something for everybody, anything you could possibly want, day and night. When you walk into Zoo Bar and look around the place, see the stylish décor and […] Read more