Malia Events Tickets and More

Malia Events Tickets and more.

Summer is on its way are the excitement is building to what is gonna be a massive season for the Clubs in Malia, there are some amazing events planned and some hot tickets to get hold of. Many Clubs are starting to announce their summer line-ups which has the potential to be the biggest summer in Malias’ history. The famous Candy Club is really where it all started with live acts and artists, the pioneer of performance within the Malia Club scene.

Everybody knows that Sundays are all about Malia Live, probably the hottest ticket event in town. Each and every week a renowned artist jets in for a live set. Candy Club has released some of their amazing #summer line up already with confirmed performances from Wretch32, Jaguar Skills, Tom Zanetti & KO Kanne and Wstrn. More great acts will be announced in the coming weeks.

Events Tickets Malia Live Summer 2017 Jaguar Skills
Events Tickets Malia Live Summer 2017 Tom Zanetti & KO KAne
Events Tickets Malia Live Summer 2017 Wretch 32
Events Tickets Malia Live Summer 2017 Wstrn

If Malia Live Sundays wasn’t enough for you, every summer there are two very special Malia Live dates which are the Malia Live Festival held at Pleasure Beach Club. These are two events that you don’t want to miss out on. Combining several of the Malia Live performers and many special guests this is defo a date for the diary ! More info on Malia Live Festival to be released soon…

Other clubs in Malia like Apollo Club, Zig-Zag Club and Warehouse have all got big announcements coming soon so watch this space for info on all event tickets.

Apollo Club last summer smashed it with their Thursday night event “Go Deep” they bought some huge acts from the UK including Nathan Dawe, DMO Deejay, Ashley Cain and DJ Russke to name a few. So this summer we hear is gonna go off the charts.

Malia Events Apollo Club Malia Life Club LIfe 1 copy
Malia Events Apollo Club Malia Life Club LIfe 3 copy
Malia Events Apollo Club Malia Life Club LIfe 4 copy

Zig-Zag Club weekly “I Love House” event every Friday is always jam packed with an electric atmospheare. Last summer saw the likes of DJ SKT, DJ Pioneer, Hoxton Whores and Charlie Tee. So we are all looking forward to who will be on the line up this summers I Love House events.

Events Tickets Malia Zig Zag DJ Pioneer
Events Tickets Malia Zig Zag DJ SKT
Events Tickets Malia Zig Zag Hoxton Whores

Warehouse Club held some of the biggest events last summer with sell out ticket events from the likes of Joel Corry and R3wire & Varski, Their residents last summer Danny T & Satsta proves to be a dream team and had the place bouncing every single night. We can’t wait to see whats in store this summer at Warehouse Cub.

Malia Tickets Events Warehouse Club Danny T
Malia Tickets Events Warehouse Club Joel Corry
Malia Tickets Events Warehouse Club Satsta

The clubs in Malia are for sure nothing like the super clubs in Ibiza but the atmosphere created is up there with the best in the world. The crowds are diverse and is always more of an intimate feel making the night more personal and memorable. The Malia crowd is much more relaxed than other resorts making it a much friendlier place to party, thousands of revellers spill on to the streets each night for what is like a carnival atmosphere moving from place to place usually where the promoters entice you with some special offers !

With the busiest months from mid June to the end of August the peak season can seam short, but Malia is still a buzzing place either side of the “Peak”, with May and September being two of the favourite months for returning guests and local alike. Many bars are open early season and close late into October, A popular favourite is the Scottish theme bar The Saltire Lounge. Here you get the local pub feel like back home with the draught beers and friendly staff. With Pool Table, Dartboard, Games, Live Sports, Karaoke, Quiz and a whole lot more this place has often been described as the “Perfect holiday Pub.” So weather you choose to come for the amazing Club Events on offer during the busy peak season or you come at a lot less crazier time, you will always be guaranteed a great night out in Malia.

See you all soon…..Yamas !

For tickets events and more info check the Malia Life App & Website.

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    Apollo Club Malia – 8th June – Nathan Dawe
    Candy Club Malia – 25th June – Tom Zanetti & KO Kane
    Candy Club Malia – 9th July – Tom Zanetti & KO Kane
    Apollo Club Malia – 13th July – Nathan Dawe
    Candy Club Malia – 16th July – Wretch 32
    Candy Club Malia – 23rd July – WSTRN
    Candy Club Malia – 30th July – Mistajam
    Apollo Club Malia – 3rd August – Nathan Dawe
    Candy Club Malia – 13th August – Tom Zanetti & KO Kane
    Candy Club Malia – 20th August – Jaguar Skills

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