Starbeach Events 2017

Starbeach Events 2017

In under a months time a wave of young dutch kids will be descending on Chersonissos geared up ready to celebrate Spring Break. The main reason they come in their thousands is to take part in the massive events at the world famous Starbeach. Bringing world class DJ’s throughout the summer Starbeach has truly made Hersonissos a must go destination for any music festival fan.

With superstar DJ Afrojack headlining  two massive dates this summer, (July 17th & August 2nd) Starbeach has again raised the bar and are preparing for another sell out season. Added to the amazing line up are huge names like, Nervo, Quintino, Dannic and Basejackers to name a few.

Spring Break kicks off at Starbeach on the 26th May and the 3 main themed events Beachflirt, Lovestar and Recovery are set to create come unforgettable memories.

The Beachflirt dress in white party on the 30th May is headlined by Freddy Moreira with support from Kenneth G. Freddy always creates such an electric atmosphere when gracing the stage at Starbeach so this is definitely a ticket you want to get hold of.

Followed by the colourful neon party Lovestar on the 1st June another Starbeach favourite Quintino is ready to set the night on fire. Supported by Brooks this is set up to be another night to remember.

The next day is the time for Recovery but not in that sense, The energetic Recovery Pool Party we mean ! With loads of games and drinking to take part in this is a pool party like no other. As the sun goes down the party heats up and with Stuk.Tv booked to headline so this night is for sure gonna go off.

Starbeach is such a magical venue and the parties held there are like no other. They have a huge professional team behind each event to ensure all the guests have an experience they will never forget. From the sound and visual teams, gorgeous dancers, media teams, ticket sellers and security. All these professionals work hard to ensure you have the best time possible.

As mentioned earlier, Afrojack is coming “home” as he calls it for 2 dates. Afrojack has a very special relationship with Starbeach and has been returning to Chersonissos for a number of years. Starbeach were one of the first venues to give him a chance to perform many years ago and have enjoyed watching him become an international superstar DJ.

The Afrojack event ticket will for sure be the hottest ticket to have this summer and this event is set to sell out. A good idea is  to book your tickets online asap to make sure you don’t miss out on this magical experience. All Starbeach event tickets can be purchased online and make sure you visit their website at for the latest information.

One of the most popular ways to make sure you have access to all the Starbeach events is to get hold of their Festival Pass. This will get you into 3 consecutive events. All the details can be found on their website and look out for special VIP group deals and discounts.

Another must do activity when visiting Starbeach is the adrenaline pumping Bungy Jump. Hoisted high up by a huge crane and then poised to jump off into the sea below this is defiantly a Hersonissos must. Open all day you can even jump at night during one of their famous events.  This will defo get your heart racing and make more unforgettable memories. To make the jump even more memorable you can get a Free Bungy T-Shirt if you flash your 1Life VIP Wristband.

As you can see there are some unmissable events coming up at Starbeach this summer2017 and make sure you don’t miss out. Keep checking all the usual social outlets for the latest information.




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