Shenanigans Irish Pub

It is often said that no matter how far you roam and how widely you travel, in whichever remote and exotic part of this world you might find yourself in, you will inevitably stumble upon an Irish bar, and thankfully Hersonissos is no different.
So, what can you expect from this Cretan craic house?
Well, sometimes a name really does sum up a place. It’s Shenanigans by name and Shenanigans by nature all the way here. This raucous pub/club is located right on the gorgeous seafront, at the epicentre of Hersonissos’s famous Beach Road and night after night, year after year Shenanigans Irish Pub serves up the hottest craic and the coldest Guinness in town.

The décor is what you’d expect to find in a proper, traditional Dublin pub, beautiful dark wood fittings and luxuriously panelled walls, bedecked with lovely little touches of Gaelic flare will really make you feel like they’ve air-lifted the whole place lock and stock from the banks of the River Liffey and dropped it on Hersonissos’s golden shores – thankfully they’ve left the weather behind!

Shenanigans Irish Pub Hersonissos Crete 2
Shenanigans Irish Pub Hersonissos Crete 3
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You’ll find everything you’d expect from an Irish pub – occasional live music sets, good bar snacks and comfy chairs to lounge in whilst cheering on/cursing your football team on the large screens that show all the live sports and they even offer table service, so you won’t miss a second of the action.
Open from 10 am, Shenanigans is the perfect place to grab a mid-morning coffee, kick back, relax and allow the sights and sounds of the Bombay Sapphire blue ocean listlessly caressing the shore unwind your mind and gently soothe away last night’s hangover. At the other end of the scale, closing as it does at 5am (8am Friday and Saturday), Shenanigans is also the perfect place to earn that hangover in the first place!

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At the bar you will find as decent a pint of the black stuff as you’re likely to find anywhere in the world, alongside insane drinks offers, generously measured premium spirits and a vast selection of lethally strong cocktails (the daiquiri is a personal favourite!), pitchers and shots – all of which are expertly prepared by the enthusiastic, friendly and well trained bar staff, who are every bit as good at keeping the banter flowing as they are the booze! These guys really do lend this place a special and welcoming atmosphere, unlike almost anywhere in Hersonissos, they’ll guarantee that your glass is always as full as your smile.
It isn’t just the crazy staff who make Shenanigans a must visit, with incredible resident DJs banging out the very best summer anthems, old school classics and mainstream to make sure the large dance-floor stays hot all night until the break of dawn, it’s easy to see why this place is usually packed to the rafters, night after night, right throughout the summer.
In an incredible town, filled with incredible clubs, Shenanigans still manages to stand out. A true gem. An emerald, perhaps.

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See you there….

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    eens last van hoofdpijn. We begonnen meestal met een rondje boulevard en dan even aan de bar bij Shennigans Pub waar Harry werkt die we weer kennen van de Hooks bar. Daarna even langs de Bio Bio waar zijn

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