Have an Amazing Holiday

Have an Amazing Holiday



1: Act in a safe, sensible manner. Although it can be tempting to go wild on holiday, by staying safe you can prevent yourself from ruining your holiday. Think very carefully before you hire a moped or a similar vehicle as these can be very dangerous. If you do decide to hire a vehicle, make it a car – and don’t drink-drive.

2: Again, it can be all too tempting to neglect your health whilst on holiday but staying hydrated will help you to survive in the sun and combat any hangovers that you might experience. Don’t forget to apply sun lotion or cream when you need to.

3: Heading on a night out with your passport is a no-no. There’s always a chance it might be lost or stolen, and it can cost a great deal of money to replace it with an emergency version. Whilst you’re sorting that out, you could be sunbathing, relaxing or sipping at a cocktail. Use another form of ID if you need one to enter a bar or club.

4: Be sensible when it comes to booze too. By taking care with alcohol you can avoid accidents, a run in with the law or other dangerous situations. This step can help you to avoid sleeping in a Greek prison cell. Lengthy drinking sessions can be commonplace on holiday, so take a break when you need to or take the pace down a little. If you’re tempted to take drugs, think very carefully. You won’t be able to verify the quality of what you’re taking and could be arrested, hospitalised or worse.


5: Budget wisely. On too many occasions, tourists have taken things too far too early, only to find that there is no money left halfway through their holiday. A holiday with no money is arguably no holiday at all so if you do think you might spend too much too fast, get a sensible friend to confiscate your card. Don’t take a huge amount of cash out with you either as you may lose it or have it stolen.

6: Met someone nice? Do as you hopefully would at home and use contraception if things intensify. Don’t leave your drinks unattended either as there’s always a chance something dangerous might be dropped into them whilst you’re not looking.

7: Remain wary of criminals and don’t let your guard down. Pickpocketing is one of the biggest threats faced by tourists in Hersonissos, so be careful when taking anything valuable out with you. Pickpockets sometimes come in child-form too, so don’t assume they’re not capable of stealing your cherished possessions.