Have an Amazing Holiday

Have an Amazing Holiday



1: Be safe and have fun. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do back home and think carefully about hiring mopeds and other such vehicles. These can be very dangerous and many fatalities have occurred when using them on holiday. If you do need your own transport you may well wish to stick to cars. It could work out better to opt for the taxi option, especially if you’ll be drinking a significant amount.

2: Stay hydrated. You’ll need to drink more water than you would back home to keep you healthy and able to function, especially when the heat is at its most challenging. Don’t forget to apply all the relevant sun creams and lotions.

3: Taking your passport on a night out with you is rarely wise. An emergency passport can cost you a great deal of money and time. Use alternative identification if you look young enough to require it.

4: Don’t throw caution to the wind when it comes to alcohol. Even though you’re on holiday, booze can lead you to any number of unfortunate circumstances. Get yourself in legal trouble due to alcohol and you might find yourself spending a night in a Faliraki prison cell – not an idyllic environment. Pace yourself if you’ll be drinking for a long time. Taking drugs is also a questionable move – you may find yourself in trouble with the law, hospitalised or worse.


5: Don’t spend all your money at once. Although the excitement of being on holiday can make us spend more than we were planning on, prematurely running out of cash in Faliraki can be a highly-sobering experience. Get a friend to look after your finances if you’re likely to make purchases you can’t afford whilst under the influence. Don’t carry huge amounts of cash around with you for obvious reasons.

6: Try not to be a victim of crime. Think carefully about taking expensive items out with you and be wary of pickpockets. Don’t forget that well-trained children might be after your possessions too. You may not realise you have been a victim of crime until the perpetrator is long gone too. Don’t walk home alone or leave drinks unattended under any circumstances.

7: Find someone that takes your fancy on holiday? Usual rules apply – if you do feel the need to be intimate with a stranger, at least make use of contraception.